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Below you will find all of the upcoming card decks here at Infinity which are either complete (made but haven't been released) or incomplete (work in progress). Any decks that have been listed here are no longer subject for claiming or donation.

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Deck Votes
BTS: Jungkook 3
BTS: Jin 3
Cherries 2
Fall Out Boy: A Little Less 16 Candles A Little More Touch Me 2

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Maitland 102
Kayori 56
Lex 12
Emelie 1

Among Us

Color Deckname #/$
Purple Among Us (amongus) 25/1
Blue Among Us: Crewmate (amongus-ch-crewmate) 25/1


Color Deckname #/$
Brown Alan Rickman (alanrickman) 25/1
Red Betty White (bettywhite) 25/1
Grey Dwayne Johnson (dwaynejohnson) 25/1
Green Johnny Depp (johnnydepp) 25/1
Purple Sarah Michelle Gellar (sarahmichellegellar) 25/1

Adventure Time

Color Deckname #/$
Pink Adventure Time: Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum (adventuretime-ch-princessbubblegum) 25/1


Color Deckname #/$
Red Apples (apples) 25/1
Red Bacon (bacon) 25/1
Yellow Burgers (burgers) 25/1
Red Cherries (cherries) 25/1
Grey Chocolate Chip Cookies (chocolatechipcookies) 25/1
Orange Gummy Bears (gummybears) 25/1
Pink Ham (ham) 25/1
Yellow Mac and Cheese (macandcheese) 25/1
Orange Mozzarella Sticks (mozzarellasticks) 25/1
Brown Orzo (orzo) 25/1
Red Pizza (pizza) 25/1
Orange Sashimi (sashimi) 25/1
Brown Smores (smores) 25/1
Grey Sushi (sushi) 25/1
Green Udon (udon) 25/1
Yellow Waffles (waffles) 25/1

Disney Theme Parks

Color Deckname #/$
Green Disneys Animal Kingdom (animalkingdom) 25/1
Grey Disneyland: Haunted Mansion (disneyland-ri-hauntedmansion) 25/1
Brown Disneyland: Pirates of the Caribbean (disneyland-ri-piratesofthecaribbean) 25/1
Grey Disneys Hollywood Studios: The Great Movie Ride (disneyshws-ri-thegreatmovieride) 25/1
Blue Shanghai Disneyland: Pirates of the Caribbean (shanghaidisneyland-ri-piratesofthecaribbean) 25/1
Blue Walt Disney World (waltdisneyworld) 25/1

Avenged Sevenfold

Color Deckname #/$
Grey Avenged Sevenfold: Afterlife (avengedsevenfold-mv-afterlife) 25/1


Color Deckname #/$
Green Agust D: Agust D (agustd-mv-agustd) 25/1
Purple Agust D: Give It To Me (agustd-mv-giveittome) 25/1
Purple BTS (bts) 25/1
Red BTS: Jimin (bts-jimin) 25/1
Pink BTS: Jin (bts-jin) 25/1
Green BTS: Jungkook (bts-jungkook) 25/1
Brown BTS: Fake Love (bts-mv-fakelove) 25/1
Blue BTS: RM (bts-rm) 25/1
Green BTS: Suga (bts-suga) 25/1
Brown BTS: V (bts-v) 25/1

5 Surprise

Color Deckname #/$
Brown 5 Surprise: Mini Brands (5surprise-minibrands) 25/1


Color Deckname #/$
Pink Barbie (barbie) 25/1
Pink Barbie Doll Houses (barbie-dollhouses) 25/1


Color Deckname #/$
Yellow BoA: Eat You Up (boa-mv-eatyouup) 25/1

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Color Deckname #/$
Grey The Nightmare Before Christmas: Making Christmas (nbc-sc-makingchristmas) 25/1


Color Deckname #/$
Pink Cherry Blossoms (cherryblossoms) 25/1
Purple Mochi (mochi) 25/1


Color Deckname #/$
Blue Efteling (efteling) 25/1
Blue Efteling: Symbolica (efteling-ri-symbolica) 25/1

Earwig and the Witch

Color Deckname #/$
Red Earwig And The Witch (earwigandthewitch) 25/1


Color Deckname #/$
Yellow Bat-eared Foxes (batearedfoxes) 25/1
Blue Beluga Whales (belugawhales) 25/1
Green Bengal Foxes (bengalfoxes) 25/1
Orange Blanfords Foxes (blanfordsfoxes) 25/1
Blue Blue Whales (bluewhales) 25/1
Green Bowhead Whales (bowheadwhales) 25/1
Brown California Towhees (californiatowhees) 25/1
Orange Cape Foxes (capefoxes) 25/1
Grey Corsac Foxes (corsacfoxes) 25/1
Green Crab-Eating Foxes (crabeatingfoxes) 25/1
Green Darwins Foxes (darwinsfoxes) 25/1
Grey Desert Cardinals (desertcardinals) 25/1
Green Dickcissels (dickcissels) 25/1
Grey False Killer Whales (falsekillerwhales) 25/1
Orange Fennec Foxes (fennecfoxes) 25/1
Yellow Gray Foxes (grayfoxes) 25/1
Blue Gray Whales (graywhales) 25/1
Grey Grevys Zebras (grevyszebras) 25/1
Brown Hoary Foxes (hoaryfoxes) 25/1
Green Island Foxes (islandfoxes) 25/1
Brown Japanese Raccoon Dogs (japaneseraccoondogs) 25/1
Blue Long Finned Pilot Whales (longfinnedpilotwhales) 25/1
Purple Melon Headed Whales (melonheadedwhales) 25/1
Brown Mountain Zebras (mountainzebras) 25/1
Blue Narwals (narwals) 25/1
Red Northren Cardinals (northrencardinals) 25/1
Grey Phainopeplas (phainopeplas) 25/1
Yellow Plains Zebras (plainszebras) 25/1
Blue Pygmy Killer Whales (pygmykillerwhales) 25/1
Red Red-Capped Cardinals (redcappedcardinals) 25/1
Purple Red-Cowled Cardinals (redcowledcardinals) 25/1
Grey Red-Crested Cardinals (redcrestedcardinals) 25/1
Brown Red Foxes (redfoxes) 25/1
Red Scarlet Tanagers (scarlettanagers) 25/1
Blue Short-Finned Pilot Whales (shortfinnedpilotwhales) 25/1
Blue Sperm Whales (spermwhales) 25/1
Grey Spinner Dolphins (spinnerdolphins) 25/1
Grey Striped Dolphins (stripeddolphins) 25/1
Red Summer Tanagers (summertanagers) 25/1
Red Vermilion Cardinals (vermilioncardinals) 25/1
Grey White Japanese Racoon Dogs (whitejapaneseraccoondogs) 25/1
Green Yellow-Billed Cardinals (yellowbilledcardinals) 25/1
Yellow Yellow Cardinals (yellowcardinals) 25/1
Yellow Yellow Northern Cardinals (yellownortherncardinals) 25/1

Fall Guys

Color Deckname #/$
Blue Fall Guys (fallguys) 25/1

Fall Out Boy

Color Deckname #/$
Green Fall Out Boy: A Little Less 16 Candles A Little More Touch Me (falloutboy-mv-alittleless16candles) 25/1

Fear Street

Color Deckname #/$
Green Fear Street: Part 1 1994 (fearstreet-part11994) 25/1


Color Deckname #/$
Red Roses (roses) 25/1

Graveyard Keeper

Color Deckname #/$
Yellow Graveyard Keeper (graveyardkeeper) 25/1


Color Deckname #/$
Orange Idolish7 Second Beat: Mitsuki Izumi (idolish7secondbeat-ch-mitsukiizumi) 25/1


Color Deckname #/$
Brown Jumanji (jumanji) 25/1
Green Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle (jumanji-welcometothejungle) 25/1

Kingdom Hearts

Color Deckname #/$
Purple Kingdom Hearts (kingdomhearts) 25/1
Blue Kingdom Hearts: Sora (kingdomhearts-ch-sora) 25/1

Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir

Color Deckname #/$
Red Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir: Ladybug (miraculoustolbacn-ch-ladybug) 25/1


Color Deckname #/$
Blue Rain (rain) 25/1
Blue Snow (snow) 25/1
Orange Sunset (sunset) 25/1


Color Deckname #/$
Purple Overwatch: D.Va (overwatch-ch-dva) 25/1


Color Deckname #/$
Grey Phasmophobia (phasmophobia) 25/1

Polly Pocket

Color Deckname #/$
Pink Polly Pocket (pollypocket) 25/1

PowerWash Simulator

Color Deckname #/$
Orange PowerWash Simulator (powerwashsimulator) 25/1


Color Deckname #/$
Blue Promare (promare) 25/1


Color Deckname #/$
Green Rust (rust) 25/1

Shera and the Princesses of Power

Color Deckname #/$
Purple She-Ra and the Princesses of Power: Entrapta (sratpop-ch-entrapta) 25/1


Color Deckname #/$
Blue Soul (soul) 25/1

Squid Game

Color Deckname #/$
Yellow Suid Game: S1 Ep1: Red Light Green Light (squidgame-s01ep01-redlightgreenlight) 25/1


Color Deckname #/$
Blue Terraria (terraria) 25/1

The Fairly Odd Parents

Color Deckname #/$
Pink The Fairly Odd Parents: Timmy Turner (fairlyoddparents-ch-timmyturner) 25/1

The Haunting of Hill House

Color Deckname #/$
Green The Haunting of Hill House: Ep 01: Steven Sees a Ghost (thohh-s01ep01-stevenseesaghost) 25/1

The Little Mermaid

Color Deckname #/$
Blue The Little Mermaid (thelittlemermaid) 25/1

The Road To El Dorado

Color Deckname #/$
Pink The Road to Eldorado: Chell (theroadtoeldorado-ch-chell) 25/1
Red The Road to Eldorado: Miguel (theroadtoeldorado-ch-miguel) 25/1
Blue The Road to Eldorado: Tulio (theroadtoeldorado-ch-tulio) 25/1

The Sims

Color Deckname #/$
Green The Sims (thesims) 25/1
Red The Sims: Expansion Pack 1: Livin Large (thesims-ep1-livinlarge) 25/1
Green The Sims: Expansion Pack 7: Makin Magic (thesims-ep7-makinmagic) 25/1


Color Deckname #/$
Brown Teddy Bears (teddybears) 25/1


Color Deckname #/$
Purple Twice (twice) 25/1
Pink Twice: Chaeyoung (twice-chaeyoung) 25/1


Color Deckname #/$
Green Bull Nakano (bullnakano) 25/1
Grey Stone Cold Steve Austin (stonecoldsteveaustin) 25/1


Color Deckname #/$
Green Ireland (ireland) 25/1

Beauty and the Beast

Color Deckname #/$
Red Beauty and the Beast: Something There (batb-sc-somethingthere) 25/1


Color Deckname #/$
Orange Encanto (encanto) 25/1
Orange Encanto: Surface Pressure (encanto-sc-surfacepressure) 25/1

Doja Cat

Color Deckname #/$
Purple Doja Cat (dojacat) 25/1
Purple Doja Cat: Say So (dojacat-mv-sayso) 25/1


Color Deckname #/$
Red Fireworks (fireworks) 25/1

Black Butler

Color Deckname #/$
Blue Black Butler: Ciel Phantomhive (blackbutler-ch-cielphantomhive) 25/1

Dying Light

Color Deckname #/$
Yellow Dying Light (dyinglight) 25/1
Yellow Dying Light 2: Stay Human (dyinglight-stayhuman) 25/1

Dont Starve Together

Color Deckname #/$
Grey Dont Starve Together (dontstarvetogether) 25/1

Five Nights at Freddys

Color Deckname #/$
Grey Five Nights at Freddys (fivenightsatfreddys) 25/1
Green Five Nights at Freddys: Security Breach (fnaf-securitybreach) 25/1

Gems and Minerals

Color Deckname #/$
Yellow Amber (amber) 25/1
Green Jade (jade) 25/1
Blue Sodalite (sodalite) 25/1
Purple Tanzanite (tanzanite) 25/1
Green Turquoise (turquoise) 25/1


Color Deckname #/$
Green Venezuela: Angel Falls (venezuela-angelfalls) 25/1


Color Deckname #/$
Pink Supernatural: Missouri Mosely (supernatural-ch-missourimoseley) 25/1
Orange Supernatural: S01 EP01: Pilot (supernatural-s01ep01-pilot) 25/1


Color Deckname #/$
Grey Angel: S01 Ep01: City of Angels (angel-s01ep01-cityofangels) 25/1
Yellow Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Buffy Summers (btvs-ch-buffysummers) 25/1
Yellow Buffy The Vampire Slayer: S01 EP01: Welcome to the Hellmouth (btvs-s01ep01-welcometothehellmouth) 25/1


Color Deckname #/$
Blue Nepal: Mount Everest (nepal-mounteverest) 25/1


Color Deckname #/$
Blue Cinderella: Cinderella (cinderella-ch-cinderella) 25/1

Elden Ring

Color Deckname #/$
Pink Elden Ring (eldenring) 25/1

Rising of the Shield Hero

Color Deckname #/$
Purple Rising of the Shield Hero: S01 EP01: The Shield Hero (rotsh-s01ep01-theshieldhero) 25/1

Grandmaster Of Demonic Cultivation

Color Deckname #/$
Purple Grandmaster Of Demonic Cultivation: S03 EP01: Yi City (gmodc-s03ep01-yicity) 25/1
Purple The Untamed: EP01: Episode One (theuntamed-ep01-epiosdeone) 25/1

Alice In Wonderland

Color Deckname #/$
Green Alice In Wonderland (aliceinwonderland) 25/1

Cardcaptor Sakura

Color Deckname #/$
Pink Cardcaptor Sakura (cardcaptorsakura) 25/1