Posted on May 20, 2020
Level Ups: Kayori(3),
Game Updates: All Games



Animallover I wish for everyone to cards spelling sunshine (No More than 1 per deck)

GwenI wish for a #25 card of choice for everyone.

Sorry about last week our weather here in Indiana has been a mess lately going from snow to warm in the same week. I actually wasn't on my computer much at all last week since the cold makes my hands/wrists hurt too bad to update anything 😞.

I spent the week binging Buzzfeed Unsloved and Ruining History which led to the new category of history being added.

New Decks

You may take a total of 20 cards. No more than 2 per deck.
If you donated the deck, you may take an extra from that deck. Comment with what you take!
Or you can take from the update randomizer

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