Trade Cards

You should direct link to these, they will start out as sketches and you will reveal the full color image by trading.

Link: just change 00 to how many trades you have made
ETCG Easy way to use it
* Go to the settings page for Infinity tcg on your etcg admin panel.
* Add a new additonal field (I call my trade, trade2..etcg)
* Put 00 as the text field
* Where you want it to show up use this code: <img src="<?php echo get_additional('Infinity','WHATEVERYOUNAMEDTHEFIELD'); ?>.png">

Then to update it just change the number in the field

BT21 donated by Maitland
BTS: Suga donated by Maitland
The Great Wave off Kanagawa donated by Maitland
Toy Story 4 Forky donated by Maitland
WWE: Undertaker donated by Maitland